Group Therapy

Group Therapy encourages interaction and support in a private environment with people who have experienced similar challenges. This has been proven to help individuals as they recover.

The number of group therapies that individuals participate in in depends upon the program, residential, outpatient – and particular diagnosis and needs.

Group therapy sessions are held at regularly scheduled times throughout the day at all of our locations. They are led by a therapist with expertise in the group’s subject matter, and attended by a small group of other people at your substance abuse treatment center.

Benefits to Group Therapy:

  1. Participating in group therapy means realizing that there are other people who face similar issues.
  2. The group of people individuals connect with during provides a social circle that may have while using.
  3. Everybody relates their own experience of dealing with substance abuse in group therapy.
  4. When individuals are in substance abuse treatment, they will most likely participate in a variety of group therapies.