Recovery Stories

The help I received from Recovery Works not only saved my life but my whole family. I can never say enough about my time at such a wonderful place. I was able to start sorting out a life time of issues that contributed to my addiction but was also able to take accountability for my own actions that contributed to my addiction. Thanks to Michael, Laura, the great nursing staff and all of the counselors.

“My friends said, I don’t want to watch you kill yourself, let
me know when you are serious about getting help.”

“Drugs took everything away from me. It took pets, family, money,
everything away from me. Money, family, friends. Everything.”

“If it wasn’t for treatment, I would be dead right now.”

“Recovery Works saved my life.”

“By the time I was 18, I was abusing alcohol and drugs. Crack
brought me to my knees.”

“I stole jewelry from my mother, did anything to get high.”

“I had black outs that lasted days. My addiction lasted nine years.”

“I ended up being homeless at 23 years’ old.”

“If I had not come to this treatment center, I truly think that I would be dead.”

“I was so lucky and so blessed that Recovery Works had compassionate
people who listened to me. I just needed someone to listen to me.”

“There is hope at Recovery Works. It is a positive place.”